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Klassifiz. Producer: 15
Wines tasted: 1533

The cultivation area of ​​557 acres with a vineyard located in the state Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany . Historically, the wine is here secured to the Franks from the 8th Century due. The production area is for a western tributary of the Rhine named. The Ahr rises in the Eifel mountains and flows into the Rhine south of Bonn. The vineyards are located on the south-facing slopes in the lower and middle part of the deep river valley for a distance of about 25 kilometers. In the upper region between Altenahr Marienthal and predominate in the narrow valley area slate floors. In this narrow valley portion of the vineyards extend almost to the river. In the region between the lower and Walporzheim Heimersheim prevail Lößlehmböden that are mixed with rock weathering. In the steep terraced vineyards save soil, rock and vineyard walls of schist and greywacke heat from the sun, at night they give back to the vines off and thus produce a mild, Mediterranean micro climate with relatively high temperatures. The only area-Ahr is Walporzheim which consists of a single major site Klosterberg with a total of 43 individual layers. The wine-growing communities and their individual layers are:

* Ahrweiler Daubhaus , Forstberg , Bar area, Rosenthal
* Ahrweiler Silberberg (single location, Germany) , Steinkaul, Ursuline Garden
* Altenahr with Corner , Charles Head Sunshine Steinkaul
* Bad Neuenahr with Church spiers , Schieferlay , Sonnenberg
* Dernau with Castle Garden (single location, Germany) , Goldkaul , Hardtberg , Pfarr Wingert , Schieferlay
* Ehlingen with Chapel Hill
* Heimersheim with Castle Garden (single location, Germany) , Chapel Hill, Crown land
* Heppingen with mountain, Castle Garden (single location, Germany)
* Marienthal with Jesuit garden, monastery garden, Rosenberg, male mountain Despite the mountain
* Mayschoss with Castle Hill, Laacher mountain Mönchsberg
* Neuenahr with church spiers, Schieferlay , Sonnenberg
* Calculation with flower Hardtberg, Herrenberg
* Reimerzhofen with corner
* Walporzheim with Lay old , Domlay , Fermentation chamber , Himmelchen , Herb Berg , Pfaffenberg (single location, Germany)

The community was already Mayschoss in 1868 one of the oldest Winzergenossenschaft the world. Well-known producers are Adeneuer , Ahrweiler wine-club eG , Ahr Winzer eG , Castle Garden (Ahr wine) , Deutzerhof , Jean Stodden , Kreuzberg , Peter Kriechel , Maibachfarm , Meyer Näkel , Thomas Nelles , Riske Erwin , Riske Reinhold , Sermann-Kreuzberg , Vineyard Sonnenberg and Winzergenossenschaft Walporzheim .

Although Ahr is the northern German region are cultivated here, 85% red varieties. It is dominated by Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir) with over 60% of the vineyard. The pre-eminence also underlined the "Ahr-wine street" and the parallel running "wine trail". Former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) drew some of its wineries red wines. In the event series "Gourmet & Wine" restaurateurs are working together with top winemakers of the region and present culinary delights in accordance with art and culture. The Blend as of 2009 (0 = less than 0.5 ha):

dt principal name
In Germany
common synonyms
Color Hectare
% -
Pinot Noir
including Samtrot
Pinot Noir , P. Blue, Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir clone Samtrot
red 343 61.7
Riesling White Riesling, Rhine Riesling white 44 7.9
Portuguese Blue Portugal red 41 7.3
Frühburgunder Blue Frühburgunder, Clevner red 36 6.5
Regent - red 19 3.4
Dornfelder - red 17 3.0
Müller-Thurgau Rivaner, Riesling-Sylvaner white 15 2.7
Domination - red 10 1.7
White Burgundy Pinot Blanc , White Burgundy white 10 1.8
Acolon - red 3 0.5
Ruland Pinot Gris , Pinot Gris white 3 0.5
Dark Fields - red 2 0.4
Kerner - white 2 0.4
Blauer Zweigelt Zweigelt , Rotburger red A 0.2
Cabernet Mitos - red A 0.2
Cabernet Sauvignon - red A 0.2
Dakapo - red A 0.2
Hegel - white A 0.2
Merlot - red A 0.2
Ortega - white A 0.2
Rotberger - red A 0.2
Solaris - white A 0.2
Bacchus - white 0 -
Cabernet Franc - red 0 -
Chardonnay - white 0 -
Huxelrebe - white 0 -
John - white 0 -
Müllerrebe Meunier And Pinot Meunier red 0 -
Palas - red 0 -
Gewurztraminer Traminer , Gewurztraminer white 0 -
Saint Laurent St. Laurent red 0 -
Würzer - white 0 -
usual white varieties - white A 0.2
usual red varieties - red A 0.2
TOTAL 557 100

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