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Our mission: Networking and Information

The Wein-Plus business-solution are all about relationships between all of those who are professionally concerned with wine and the wine industry.

The Wine-Plus Network unites demand and supply. We create special offers and services that enable producers, merchants and other wine professionals to increase their exposure as well as their sales. We assist our members to be more successful on the Internet, to coordinate their interests and to communicate and cooperate with each other.

A strong community provides benefits for wine professionals

More than 4,000 members of the wine industry have already joined forces under the umbrella of the European wine network provided by Wein-Plus, utilizing the numerous marketing and cost benefits provided by this strong community. The network provides wine producers, importers and

merchants with direct and uncomplicated access to wine lovers. Members enjoy preferential conditions for targeted advertising on Wein-Plus, and benefit from increased visibility in the wine guide. We coordinate the purchasing power of our professional members, negotiating framework contracts with competent partners specialized in the wine business, such as in the fields of logistics, packaging regulations, organic certification or online payment procedures.

Find out more in the individual categories:

Benefits for Members

As a member of Wein-Plus you have full access to all information, you can exchange views with colleagues in the industry, and can benefit from useful services provided as practical support in your everyday business dealings.


Your Advertising

Online advertising is an essential element of your marketing mix. Use Wein-Plus to reach more potential customers than on any other wine-related Internet platform.


Media Data

We are your partners in obtaining more attention and generating more sales. Here you can find facts and figures on Wein-Plus, a user analysis as well as a complete overview of advertising services, together with technical specifications and prices at a glance.


Web Solutions

Successful contact with your customers on the Internet requires you to have a professionally designed website and a thorough plan for your online marketing activities. We can offer you both, the combination of wine and the Internet is our core speciality.


About Business

Numerous arguments and satisfied business partners all speak in favour of a cooperation with Wein-Plus - convince yourself!


More success in the wine industry with Wein-Plus

Are you on business in the wine industry? Then you are right here! With special services and offerings, we shall ensure that producers, retailers and other wine professionals to increase their awareness and their sales.

Around 2,000 business members of the wine industry have been under the umbrella of the European wine network by Wein-Plus together and take advantage of the many marketing and cost advantages that result from the strong community. For this purpose, we bundle the purchasing power of our business members and arrange for them exclusive framework contracts with competent partners that specialize in the wine industry, for example in the areas of logistics, packaging regulations, organic certification or online payments.

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