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Although Denmark has no meaning in the wine, but it has always enjoyed wine consumed there. One of the most prominent wine lovers was King Christian IV (1577-1648). For its many festivals he was in barrels from the German Riesling growing area Middle Rhine . import Since August 2000 Denmark is recognized as a wine growing region of the European Union. As a result, Danish wine are sold for commercial purposes. Upon approval by the EU maximum area is 99 hectares, the vineyards were actually used in 2007 but only 24 acres. Open to the white wine Bacchus, Chardonnay, Ehrenbreitsteiner, Eszter, Goldriesling, Huxelrebe, Kerner, nuclear Ling, Merzling, Optima, Ortega, Phoenix, Pinot Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Precose de Malingre, reflexology, health, sprinklers, Siegerrebe and Solaris, as well as the Blue Danube red wines, Castel, Don Muscat (Muscat Donskoi), dark areas, Leon Millot, Marechal Foch, Nero, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Rondo.

The first wine was the wine producer Skærsøgaard Vin (wine Sven Moesgaard) near Kolding in Jutland Southeast near the coast (Little Belt). This red wine, white wine and sparkling wine is produced. Other producers Dansk Vincenter, Frederiksborg Vin Vinperlen, Aalsgaard domain are (all on the island of Zealand) and Lille Gadegaard (Bornholm island). In total there are 23 wineries. The 2006 vintage was produced with 42,000 liters of wine the previous record year of transition. The products were initially marketed as "table wine". In 2007 it was allowed by the EU, the label for the first time to lead region, vintage and grape variety. The most significant contribution of Denmark is the alcoholic distilled from potatoes or grain Aquavit with the protected designation of origin "Danske". You may win in the future of wine by the Danish Climate Change more important.
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