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Internet presence with shop for wine seller

If you want to sell successfully on the Internet of wine, we are your professional partner who will support you. For Wein-Plus speak valid arguments as a service:

  • Internet specialist with comprehensive technical know-how
  • Specializing in the needs of the wine industry
  • Expertise in online marketing
  • knowledge and experience of how your shop is quickly found in search engines
  • targeted support in marketing and advertising
  • fair contracts, short-term possibility of termination, no recurring costs

Ask your new website from the start on a sound basis. We offer a complete, powerful and optimized for the wine fallow website with online shop for rent - on your own terms and requirements as well as with a content management system, multiple product options, e-mail support and a marketing package.

One partner for everything

We have years of online expertise and have the owner of Europe's leading internet platform on a proven infrastructure. Therefore we can offer the entire technical implementation from one source:

  • Hosting, email services, data transfer
  • Your own Internet address (domain), for example www.ihrefirma.com
  • unlimited storage for shop data such as photos and articles
  • up to five mailboxes for emails
  • unlimited traffic (Traffic)
  • PHP and database support
  • Server location Germany
  • 99% server availability

Tailored to the wine industry

As a supplier of wine you have to observe a number of special features. Thus, the indication of the price per liter, for example, required by law. You can automatically calculate in our shop system and display the item list or in the product details. There also exist input, search and display options for type of wine, flavor, country of origin, growing region, grape (s), vintage, bottle size and recommended drinking temperature as well as analytical values ​​(alcohol, residual sugar, acid) and recommended drinking time. With these and other special adjustments we have made sure that the shop is really suitable for the wine industry.

Extensive features

So that you are prepared for the future, our shop system offers a variety of functions. That means for you: great benefits, flexibility and very simple operation. The shop contains amongst others:

  • Content management system, which allows you to change your website content at any time even
  • SEO
  • Access to product search engines
  • multilingualism
  • unlimited number of categories and products
  • Numerous product options (eg arbitrary sorting of categories and products, product allocation to as many categories as simple linking, unlimited number of images per product, automatic processing of product images, sharing rights for specific products and customer groups with a view to protection of minors)
  • Supports all common payment methods (which you offer, you decide)
  • Customer, customer group and order management
  • Statistics, such as visited, sold products, orders per customer, sales
  • Customer newsletters, circulars to various customer groups
  • Graduated prices by customer group
  • Promotions and clearance function
  • Integrated Shipping Modules (eg cash on delivery, Customer pickup, Shipment to pieces, flat rate shipping, German Post WorldNet, DHL Austria, Austrian Post)
  • Weight to shipping calculation for wine and other merchandise categories
  • Connection to various ERP systems (eg CAO-billing, which is available in a free, free version)
  • Import / export functionality for products in CSV file format
  • Banner Manager
  • specific access rights for individual employees
  • Backup (Backup) by pressing a button

Easiest operation

We assume that you are a wine expert, but no internet expert. In your store you can create quite simple and without any special knowledge products, create new product categories and sub-categories, define scale prices for different customer groups, upload product images and much more. The small editorial system allows you to maintain the page content easily and without HTML knowledge and set up new bases. Despite the wide range of functions Your shop is therefore extremely easy to use. And if you get stuck yet again, we can help with our free e-mail support.

Complete offer at an unbeatable price

Your professional web presence in an individual design with store and e-mail services, content management system for maintenance and expansion of content, a variety of functions, hosting and e-mail support, contact us without time payment, without a fixed contract period and no hidden costs - easy to monthly rent.

Marketing Package Included

As an additional booster is in our offer even a marketing package. Specifically, this package includes the following services:

  • They are automatically with your selection of wines in our Shopping represented. This is the largest and most used search engine in the German Wine Internet, where wine lovers looking for several thousand times a day after sources for certain wines. So your wines are found by the users, and with one click landing customers directly in your online store and can buy the wine of their choice.
  • The banner exchange you advertise at no extra cost to Wein-Plus for your website. Here your banner is shown so often on our site, such as the Wein-Plus banner will appear to you. In addition, you will get a special bonus free monthly additional 1,000 impressions on Wein-Plus .
  • In your store is automatically access to the Wein-Plus -Glossar integrated, thus increasing the utility value for your website visitors.

Try our offer for free

Check out our demo shop at www.wein-shops.eu on. Under the heading "Information" you can learn all about the rich features and find detailed instructions on handling the shop system.

The shop administration to test in detail, by signing up with the following login information in the shop (Login) and then press the "Admin" button:

  • E-mail address: demoshop@wein-plus.eu
  • Password: wine plus

For demonstration shop

Do you want to about the e-commerce solution of more Wein-Plus know?
"Fast, competent, service-oriented and inexpensive: The shop offer from Wein-Plus . The design was designed quickly to our specifications, compelling suggestions were integrated. Expert advice, there was also the technique of the shops that we were able to make our own fast. A special praise for the great service orientation, not only during store creation. To date, we always receive immediate rapid assistance with questions by email. Overall we are very satisfied with the offer, which seems to us quite inexpensive at the offered performance. "
Klaus Lichterfeld www.le-charreau.de,

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