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pinkpurple. - Die besten Roséder Welt -  

Ninety families produce with passion, heart and soul, the grapes for the wines of our cooperative. The ...

Weingut Rudolf Fürst  

Pinot Noir, Early Burgundy, Parzival - Rotweincuvee, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, the floors are made of red ...

Weingut Walter Leininger,  

Exquisite wines and sparkling wines from Franconia on the steep slopes monk Leite, Chapel Hill and Devil ...

Weingut Hans Wirsching  

Dry white wines in Bocksbeutel, premium wines from Franconia, prime locations Iphöfer Julius Real, Mountain, ...

Weingut Störrlein, Randersacker am Main  

Franconian wine from the winery Störrlein ...

Weingut und Winzerhof Emmerich  

Estate wines red and white Secco, sparkling wine and spirits Franconian wine chocolates guest rooms, ...

Weingut Egon Schäffer

Dry, suitable for diabetics wines from Escherndorfer scoundrel and Furstenberg in tradionellem expansion, ...

Privat-Weingut Hart Franken

Private Winery Hart inn winery Veitshöchheimer Str 29 97291 Thüngersheim Tel: 09364/9637 Fax 6544 owner ...

Bürgerspital-Weingut in Würzburg/Franken  

The civil hospital is a modern winery in Wuerzburg, the quality and tradition verpflichtetes, almost ...

Weingut der Stadt Klingenberg a.Main  

One of the oldest wineries in the Lower Main. Excellent red and white wines. First winery, with the DLG ...

Weingut Römmert - Volkach  

Wine, Sparkling Wine, Spirits - regional and international awards for our products. Wine Experience evenings, ...

Residenz Würzburg - Weinkultur erleben  

Riesling, Sylvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rieslaner, Kerner, Bacchus and Pinot Noir, ...

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