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Glossary term

The world's largest database of wine knowledge

(Author: Norbert Tischelmayer)
21.452 Terms | 45.933 Synonyms | 5.508 Translations | 9.803 Debates | 133.354 Cross references

Glossary terms by first letter

Everything you ever wanted to know about wine
  • What does the term dry in a liquid such as wine does
  • What does the term Iraq in the vine

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Glossary entry for the day
The appeal is to the eponymous capital of the department of Lot in Southwest France named. The vineyards with 4,500 acres of vineyards are located on both banks of the River Lot, northwest of Gaillac . The vineyard ... More
  • Tribidrag: Primitivo, Tribidrag, Zinfandel: Three names - a varietal
  • Bloom: Inconspicuous appearance - stunning results

Indexed collections on many topics


65 to centrifugation techniques stemming from


45 acidimetry terms of sugar up to degree

Viticulture Institutions

Up to 50 of Agroscope Wädenswil WSET-Changins

Vines classification

About 20 species of vines of Vitis acerifolia Vitis vulpina up

Viticulture occupations and traditions

80 to Ampelograph of toasting

Table grape

110 varieties of wine consumption and partly

The most searched information in the glossary
Rhine Riesling
In German-speaking countries, the common name for Riesling To uniquely identify it from the (unrelated) Welschriesling to differ. See also More
  • roasted - Description of the odor (even scorched, baked, roa...
  • S - ...
  • Barbaresco - DOCG for dry red wine in the Italian region

The wine question of the day
What is the South African winery, founded in 1712 by JW Sauer (Estate), which was famous for its production since the 1950s, Pinotage and the bottle labels decorated with a gun?
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