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Glossary term

The world's largest database of wine knowledge

(Author: Norbert Tischelmayer)
21.482 Terms | 46.071 Synonyms | 5.508 Translations | 9.803 Debates | 133.613 Cross references

Glossary terms by first letter

Everything you ever wanted to know about wine
  • What amount of wine when consumed regularly Total extract is compatible
  • Why a 10 year old Thompson Seedless costs around € 3,500 and then more and more expensive
  • Oenology - the wine, which was washed with Pope Gregory XIV after his death

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Glossary entry for the day
Popular single-layer name in Germany, which is mostly related to soil type. In addition to the below described in detail there are more in the communities and farming areas, Bad Durkheim (Palatinate), Bad Kreuznach (Nahe), Beilstein (Württemberg), Bollschweil (Baden), Dalheim ... More
  • Nutrients: B, C, Ca, Cl, Cu, Fe, H, K, Mg, Mn, Mo, N, O, P, S and Zn
  • MAESTRO: The new champagne closure with a "pop"
  • Ricolmatura: A special service of Topweingütern in Tuscany

Indexed collections on many topics

Cuvée de Prestige

Top products of 20 champagne houses


75 persons from famous Abraham a Sancta Clara to Zuckmayer

Agent in winemaking

Approximately 50 to activated carbon sugar


The 26 most common wine varieties in the world (a total of 1,500 are included)


More than 100 diseases and plagues of anthracnose and cicada


More than 100 interspecific hybrids Agawam to York-Madeira

The most searched information in the glossary
Rhine Riesling
In German-speaking countries, the common name for Riesling To uniquely identify it from the (unrelated) Welschriesling to differ. See also More
  • roasted - Description of the odor (even scorched, baked, roa...
  • S - ...
  • Barbaresco - DOCG for dry red wine in the Italian region

The wine question of the day
Which famous general remarked on the champagne: "After the victory you deserve it, after the defeat you need it"?
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