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Glossary term

The world's largest database of wine knowledge

(Author: Norbert Tischelmayer)
21.402 Terms | 45.738 Synonyms | 5.523 Translations | 9.805 Debates | 132.253 Cross references

Glossary terms by first letter

Everything you ever wanted to know about wine
  • What is the impact of the Mornen Noir probably has to viticulture
  • Like the three Barrel taste a family empire for her 21 children created
  • Strict rules with which a Corked is produced
  • What does the term Iraq in the vine

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Glossary entry for the day
Screw cap
A special and increasingly popular closure type (English Screw cap or twist) of wine bottles as an alternative to Cork (cork) from oak bark. These are made of corrosion-free metal (usually aluminum alloy) with an internally located sealing layer ... More
  • Madagascar: French wine with roots in the 1,350 meters above sea level

Indexed collections on many topics

Agent in winemaking

Approximately 50 to activated carbon sugar


75 persons from famous Abraham a Sancta Clara to Zuckmayer

Wine Events

40 events from AWC to Geisenheim Wine Event

Vines classification

About 20 species of vines of Vitis acerifolia Vitis vulpina up

Drum types

Over 40 types / sizes of anchor to Vierlig

Capacity measures

About 50 terms of eight and one Yhrn

The most searched information in the glossary
Rhine Riesling
In German-speaking countries, the common name for Riesling To uniquely identify it from the (unrelated) Welschriesling to differ. See also More
  • roasted - Description of the odor (even scorched, baked, roa...
  • S - ...
  • Barbaresco - DOCG for dry red wine in the Italian region

The wine question of the day
What is the dry sherry or variant group, the taste is between an Amontillado (Fino) and an oloroso?
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