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Glossary term

The world's largest database of wine knowledge

(Author: Norbert Tischelmayer)
21.517 Terms | 46.264 Synonyms | 5.509 Translations | 9.803 Debates | 133.992 Cross references

Glossary terms by first letter

Everything you ever wanted to know about wine
  • What is the impact of the Mornen Noir probably has to viticulture
  • What does the term Iraq in the vine
  • Peppery - the aphrodisiac ingredients in wine

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Glossary entry for the day
smallest vineyards and vines
* Smallest Weingarten of Vienna (Austria) with 170 m² 0.017 ha
* Smallest single location in Germany: Cross Wingert (Piesport, Mosel) with 0.1 hectares
* Second smallest single location in Germany: Sundial (Neumagen, Moselle) with ... More
  • Laurenz V.: Grüner Veltliner in 45 countries on all 5 continents
  • Cupbearer: Absolute trust in government courts function
  • Sweet wine: Eruption, Madeira, Tokay, sweet wine, Vin Santo, Vin Santo

Indexed collections on many topics

Wine speech

Over 500 wine evaluation terms

Weingarten care

66 techniques / terms of offshoots to tap interface

Drum types

Over 40 types / sizes of anchor to Vierlig

Wine production quantities

Production volumes and vineyards of all countries

Cuvée de Prestige

Top products of 20 champagne houses

largest wine company in the world

Some 50 multinationals from Allied Domecq to WIV Wein International AG

The most searched information in the glossary
Rhine Riesling
In German-speaking countries, the common name for Riesling To uniquely identify it from the (unrelated) Welschriesling to differ. See also More
  • S - ...
  • roasted - Description of the odor (even scorched, baked, roa...
  • Barbaresco - DOCG for dry red wine in the Italian region

The wine question of the day
What is the Spanish name for process in the production of sherry, a wine with 11% vol alcohol content add as much spirits of wine, until it reaches 15% and can be done to expand the Fino?
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