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Glossary term

The world's largest database of wine knowledge
(Author: Norbert Tischelmayer)

19.635 Terms
37.745 Synonyms
5.752 Translations
9.863 Debates
112.406 Cross references

Glossary terms by first letter

Everything you ever wanted to know about wine
  • Strict rules with which a Corked is produced
  • Why Waters (rivers, lakes, oceans) have a positive impact on the wine

Glossary entry for the day
Blood alcohol concentration
(BAC) for the quantity of alcohol in venous blood, which is expressed in milligrams per gram or parts per thousand (1 = 1 g per mille alcohol in 1 kg of blood or 1 mg / g). The measurement is ... More
  • Shoot: The first step in the development of the grape
  • Nursery: Comprehensive and thorough training for the vine

Indexed collections on many topics

highest altitude vineyard

560-3111 meters above sea level


More than 100 interspecific hybrids Agawam to York-Madeira

Viticulture occupations and traditions

80 to Ampelograph of toasting

Wine error

Up to 70 of bottling shock of corked Zähwerden

Wine Events

40 events from AWC to Geisenheim Wine Event

largest wine company in the world

Some 50 multinationals from Allied Domecq to WIV Wein International AG

The most searched information in the glossary
Rhine Riesling
In German-speaking countries, the common name for Riesling To uniquely identify it from the (unrelated) Welschriesling to differ. See also More
  • Barbaresco - DOCG for dry red wine in the Italian region
  • roasted - Description of the odor (even scorched, baked, roa...

The wine question of the day
What is the trademarked name for a special type of Lombardy Franciacorta DOCG sparkling wine, which in German means "silky" or "velvety"?
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