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 So erreichen Sie als Weinhändler mehr Kunden

How to get more customers as a wine merchant

The wine shop is not running bad. But not good. Some days goes box to box over the counter. But on the other hand the door bell remains silent for hours. Because it would go more! Quite right. Her shop thrives on personal, trusted customer contact. You make many customers repeat customers. However, new customers must first find its way to you, so that you gain their trust in the conversation! What to do? Simple: Advertise on the Internet! By far the most powerful, most effective and cheapest marketing you can reach on the network - even if you do not run online shop. In Wein-Plus , the largest German wine network, over 58,000 wine fans have registered. Many of them live in your neighborhood! With the help of Wein-Plus new customers get the door bell sounded. And if things go well, you make it to the new regular customers. Well then, do it!

Advertise with us directly in your region. And only there. With a stand-alone mail!

Our stand-alone mail deliver your content to all wine lovers in our database who live in the catchment area of ​​your store. And only the. In the design of the mail you are also not tied to any layout requirements. You make text and images individually and personally. Tell the wine lovers in your area what their store offers everything! So they come over. To promote personal, direct and targeted. No waste!

For detailed information on stand-alone mail, see here

When banner advertising billboards are connected that are connected to your site through a link. A reader who clicks on that banner is so fed directly to your offer. Banners are the classic form of advertising on the Internet and achieve the dominant position in Wein-Plus an extremely high attention value. Wein-Plus offers four banner sizes and specific target groups to display. So its banner appears only when the reader is in your region. How to get the right ones - and only!

Use our Seal "Classified producer"

Customers need confidence. Create transparency and added value by leveraging our seal "Classified producers" on the shelf. The special thing about this generator only, not individual wines are excellent. The Erzeugerklassi-fication of Wein-Plus is derived from the representative wine reviews, which has achieved long term in our tasting a wine estate. It ranges from one to five stars and is constantly updated. The instantly recognizable Wein-Plus seal of approval "Classified producer" stands for all wines of a winemaker. In your shelves the seal unfolds with up to five stars a long-term promotional effect. Your customers benefit from the security. For the classified producers in the wine over several vintages leaders have met the high demands of our tasters. The seal may only members of Wein-Plus use. Create confidence in the shelf! Become a Wein-Plus -member and insert our seal. Trust is finally the beginning of everything!

Detailed information on our seals can be found here

Win elegant new customers

View traditional and high quality - by mail! Even in the digital age, many wine lovers appreciate reading on paper. It feels good in the hand, your offers and information can be in the chair at the table or study in peace. Beautiful cover fits perfectly for your offers traditional, high-quality or exclusive wines and products. Send it with all the benefits of the digital premium-mail - to fit your selected target group without leakage!

Detailed information about PR article, click here

The best for last

About Wein-Plus you reach your advertising more wine interested readers than any other online medium. In addition, the premium users are in Wein-Plus well-educated and financially strong. In this attractive environment, we offer you as a member 15 percent discount on selected promotional products.

Other advantages of a Wein-Plus membership can be found here

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