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 So sparen Sie Geld beim Weinversand

How to save money on wine shipping

Save up to 70% when sending parcels

Who wants to calculate competitive prices for its products, needs favorable shipping. Use as a business member of our framework agreement with UPS for domestic and international parcel shipping. Guests have access to discounts of up to 70 percent on the standard rates!

Due to the growing number of participants and our huge delivery volume of approximately 1,000,000 packages per year, we can negotiate very favorable shipping conditions permanently. Wein-Plus are these favorable shipping directly to you. Without surcharge! You benefit in the full amount of the discounts negotiated by us! UPS also provides age verification of the recipient upon delivery to. Thus we meet the legal requirements in the protection of minors (no alcohol sale to minors). To avoid fee-based warnings and cease and desist. The framework agreement with UPS , you can only use, however, if you business member of Wein-Plus are.

More information on the framework contract with Interseroh can be found here

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