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 Stift Klosterneuburg

Klosterneuburg Abbey

Glossary term

Stift Klosterneuburg

The estate in the city Klosterneuburg one of the oldest and most traditional wineries Austria to carry to the altar. With the precious liquid finally the fire could be deleted. At the approach of the Turks in 1683 were from the monastery cellar wine bucket 6000 (approximately 360,000 liters) were brought to safety in Bavaria. From 24 August 13 000 Turks laid siege to their commander Kara Mustapha (~ 1630-1683) the city. Canons Lebsaft William opened the basement door and began to pin the defenders pour out wine. They were motivated and strengthened, and they succeeded in repelling the attack.

Because of the rigorous church reforms under the Habsburg Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790) traveled in 1782...
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