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 Klosterneuburger Weinbauinstitut

Klosterneuburg Viticulture Institute

Glossary term

Klosterneuburger Weinbauinstitut

The oldest wine-growing schools in the world counting Institute on 12 April 1860 initiative in-law of Edward Baron Hohenbruck (Vice Director of the Imperial Agricultural Society of Vienna) in Klosterneuburg Abbey (Lower Austria) as "Low pin wine school" was opened. The upper management had the Canons-prelate Adam Schreck held, professional leadership, as the first Institute Director August-Wilhelm Freiherr von Babo August-Wilhelm (1827-1894) transferred (see below the inventor of the Klosterneuburger scale weight must ). In its proposal, the Institute in 1874 and elevated to the state educational institution in

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