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Media Data

Media data

Your partner for more success on the Internet

Wein-Plus is the leading wine-related Internet platform in Europe. As a pure online medium, the information and communication network provides a wine guide, a wine glossary, a magazine as well as a wine search engine, a web catalogue as well as a discussion forum on the topic of wine. Wine producers, merchants and restaurateurs benefit from marketing and cost benefits, optimised for the wine industry, via the network.

What Wein-Plus has to offer: data, facts and figures

Since the inception of the platform in 1998, more than 200,000 private and professional wine lovers have registered with Wein-Plus. Around three quarters of them are consumers interested in wine, to this can be added around 10,000 wine merchants, more than 20,000 wine producers as well as wine journalists, restaurateurs and vendors of accessories. Many of these registered users are prepared to pay for the contents via their membership fee, which indicates a high level of trust in the quality of the medium. Each day, around 6,000 users visit the Wein-Plus website.

With significantly more than 100,000 professional wine descriptions and ratings, the wine guide is the largest of its kind. It is updated virtually daily, and is subject to strict tasting guidelines. The magazine provides news and background articles on wine regions and grape varieties, wine laws and the wine industry, as well as on new vintages and events. The glossary has more than 16.000 entries, making it the most comprehensive wine encyclopaedia on the Internet.

The publisher and chief executive on Wein-Plus is Utz Graafmann, Marcus Hofschuster is the editor in chief and chief taster. The internet presence was completely revised in April 2012, and will in the medium term be available in all important European languages, providing country-specific contents.

Target and user groups

At the end of 2007, Wein-Plus participated in the NetObserver user study. In this study, close to 13,000 Internet users were questioned as to their demographic characteristics. A comparison of Wein-Plus users with visitors to other Internet sites showed Wein-Plus users had above average purchasing power as we as an above average level of education.

  • More than half the Wein-Plus users are men aged between 35 and 54 years old, around a third are men aged 55 years or old.
  • Around three quarters of Wein-Plus users are men who are employed, while less than a fifth of users are not employed.
  • Significantly more than half the Wein-Plus users are employed and aged between 35 and 54 years old. Also, more than half the users have a university degree.
  • More than a quarter of Wein-Plus users have a monthly nett household income in the range of 2,300 to 3,500 Euros, around a third are in the income range from 3,500 to 5,000 Euros, and around a fifth earn at least 5,000 Euros net per month.

This user structure provides excellent conditions for successful Internet marketing in the fields of wine and enjoyment in an environment with a specific target group.

Promotional services and costs

We can offer you the following advertising services designed to attract more attention and generate more sales:

  •     Banner advertising
  •     E-mail advertising
  •     Publication of PR articles
  •     Banner swaps
  •     Entry in the web catalogue with top placement
  •     Entry in the wine search engine (Shopping)
  •     Cooperative advertising in German wine magazines
  •     Product placement in the tasting parcel (price depends on individual case)
  •     Media partnerships for events (price depends on individual case)

Please note that entries in the web catalogue as well as in the wine search engine as well as media partnership and cooperative advertising are only available for wine vendors and service providers based in a European country.

Comprehensive information on individual advertising services provided by Wein-Plus

Banner advertising

Technical data

Medium Rectangle

  • Dimensions: 300 x 250 pixels
  • File format: GIF, JPG, Flash or HTML
  • File size: maximum 20 kB


  • Dimensions: 160 x 600 pixels
  • File format: GIF, JPG, Flash or HTML
  • File size: maximum 30 kB


  • Dimensions: 728 x 90 pixels
  • File format: GIF, JPG, Flash or HTML
  • File size: maximum 35 kB


  • Dimensions: Skyscraper + Bigsize
  • File format: GIF, JPG, Flash or HTML
  • File size: maximum 50 kB

Ad Content

  • Dimensions: 250 x 250 pixels
  • File format: GIF, JPG, Flash or HTML
  • File size: maximum 20 kB


Cost per 1,000 inserts Medium Rectangle
Skyscraper Bigsize Wallpaper Ad Content
Up to 9,999 impressions € 45.00 € 63.00 € 72.00 € 135.00 € 45.00
More than 10,000 impressions € 28.50 € 40.50 € 45.00 € 85.50 € 28.50
More than 20,000 impressions € 19.50 € 27.00 € 31.50 € 58.50 € 19.50
More than 50,000 impressions € 18.00 € 25.50 € 28.50 € 54.00 € 18.00

All prices inclusive of targeting, plus Value Added Tax where applicable.

Comprehensive information on banner advertising

Premium mail

Technical data

  • Format: HTML mail
  • Maximum file size: 50 kB

Cost per mail dispatch

  • Flat rate for setup and selection: 345,00 €
  • Cost per e-mail sent: 0,32 €
  • Example: e-mail to all wine merchants in Germany
    2,634 e-mails sent x 0.32 € = 842.88 €
    plus setup rate € 345.00 = 1,187.88 €
  • All prices are net, add Value Added Tax where applicable.

Comprehensive information on premium mail

Newsletter advertising

Technical data

  • Text format, HTML or Banner
  • Text: 7 lines of 70 characters each
  • Graphics: max. 470 x 150 pixels, max. 40 kB, no animations

Cost per mail dispatch

  • Dispatch to all recipients of the newsletter: 615,00 Euros (plus Value Added Tax where applicable)

Comprehensive information on newsletter advertising

Static Ad


  • Width of 150-234 pixels or 468 pixels
  • Height from 60 pixels


  • 0.01 Euro per pixel

Detailed information about the Static Ad

PR articles in the magazine

The costs for a PR article published in the magazine range from 75,00 to 650,00 Euros (in each case, plus Value Added Tax, where applicable), dependent on the country setting for the Wein-Plus users for whom the article is to be displayed.

Comprehensive information on publication of PR articles in the magazine

Banner swap

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 120 x 60 pixels
  • File format: GIF or JPG
  • File size: maximum 30 kB


  • There is no charge for a banner swap.

Comprehensive information on banner swap

Set up a banner swap

Top placement in web catalogue, with banner

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 156 x 60 pixels
  • File format: GIF (animated)
  • File size: maximum 15 kB

Costs for top placement

  • Guaranteed 1st place: 50,00 € per month
  • Guaranteed 2nd place: 40,00 € per month
  • Guaranteed 3rd place: 30,00 € per month
  • Guaranteed 4th place: 20,00 € per month
  • Guaranteed 5th place: 15,00 € per month
  • Thereafter: 10,00 € per month

All prices are net, add Value Added Tax where applicable.

The basic entry in the web catalogue is free of charge.

Comprehensive information on top placement in the web catalogue

Set up free basic entry

Entry in wine search engine (Shopping)

The annual fee for your entry in the shopping area, including regular updates, amounts to 240,00 Euros (plus Value Added Tax where applicable). There is no charge for any clicks by a potential customer on your link.

Comprehensive information on entry in shopping area

E-commerce solution - building and hosting your website

Our complete package for a new website costs

  • for members: 49,00 EUR (excl. VAT.) per month
  • for non-members: 69.00 Euro (excl. VAT.) per month

For detailed information about our e-commerce solution

Participation in the Wein-Plus Convention

The Convention of Wein-Plus is one of the premium wine events. The participation fee is for

  • Members of Wein-Plus : 947.00 Euro (excl. VAT.)
  • Non-members 997,00 Euro (excl. VAT.)

For details on the Convention by Wein-Plus

Cooperative advertising in wine magazines

Cost per flight
Internet address incl. three lines of text 710.00 €
Internet address incl. two lines of text 560.00 €
Internet address incl. one line of text 400.00 €
Internet address only, no text 250.00 €
All amounts payable in advance.

All prices are net, add Value Added Tax where applicable.

We do not provide any larger advertising formats, as we would like to prevent advertisers with deep pockets from dominating the site.

Additional information on cooperative advertising

Please contact us!

We would be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice on the advertising opportunities offered by Wein-Plus. Give us a call or write to us:

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