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In this Scandinavian country, there are major restrictions on alcohol consumption (see also under Prohibition ). Wine and spirits can not be bought in normal shops, but only in the special state stores "Vinmonopolet". In supermarkets, you only get beer at gas stations must be absolutely no alcohol sold. Restaurants and cafes need a liquor license to offer alcohol. The minimum age for purchasing beer and wine is 18 years for spirits 20 years. Very popular berry wines, for example, crowberrys (in Norwegian krekling), which are also offset with herbs. As the national drink (drink Viking) is the manner of a Mead produced "Mjød" of honey and herbs. For a wine is too cold.

But there were a few years, a small wine producers called "Hallingstad Farm" near the town of Horten in the Vestfold district. The village lies on the 60th Latitude, about 100 kilometers south of Oslo near the coast of the Skagerrak. The winemaker Svein Hansen established here in 1992 at a vineyard, with only 2,000 vines of a Canadian clone of Pinot Noir. In the years 1995 to 1999, only each 75 boxes (900 bottles) of wine. The wine is called "L'Esprit d'Edvard Munch," but it is no longer produced at present (2004). He was named after the famous Norwegian expressionist painter and graphic artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Each year, decorated with a different image of this painting, the bottle label. Munch was an excessive drinker, which in some of his works also the subject of wine used, for example in the paintings "Self Portrait with Wine Bottle" and "Red Virginia creepers." With liquor and wine of the highly sensitive artists often tried early in the morning, to be his extreme mood swings Lord.
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