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 So können Sie Ihre Pressearbeit effektiver gestalten

So you can make your work more effective press

Do good and talk about it, is called a golden rule of public relations. Good public relations is now essential if one wants to make their voices heard in the noise of newspapers, magazines, TV programs, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Radio and Podcast. Wein-Plus helps you to operate with little effort more effective press work!

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The Magazine of Wein-Plus informed about wine regions, new vintages and exciting topics about wine. It is the most read online magazine about wine. In this environment you can create your own products to your publish topics: Whether a new wine house, a high distinction or your involvement in conservation: You alone determine the content. An article has a circumference of up to 6,000 characters and can contain any number of photos with captions.

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... And that's not all:

We can individually assist in public relations. An example: We are happy to arrange contact to very experienced PR copywriters and editors who like to write your press release. Professional, focused and in the right tone.

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