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Tasting Cases

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The Wein-Plus Tasting Case

The tasting case is a service available exclusively to our members. As a member of Wein-Plus, you may participate in our so-called regulars’ table, if you select to do so, a parcel of wine will be sent to you five times a year. This parcel contains a selection of wines our tasting team noted for their positive attributes while tasting for the wine guide – not only for their exceptional quality, but also for their unmistakeable character.

The tasting cases are intended primarily to introduce wines to you that are particularly typical of their origin, with an eye to presenting preferably lesser-known growing regions and styles. In this way, we would like to show you a broad spectrum of high-quality, individual wines full of character, outside the mainstream.

Please note that at this stage the tasting case can only be delivered to specific countries within Europe. You will find more information during the log- in and registration procedure.

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The current tasting case

Autumn (V/2012)

The next tasting parcel is currently being prepared. This time, we are compiling a selection of wines from Friuli for you.

You will find more specific information on the wines and the price for the parcel here shortly – you can already register for the service.

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Subscription and costs

Subscribing to and cancelling the tasting case is flexible. You can simply log in via your user profile. You will then start receiving the tasting parcels as of the next dispatch date, and will continue to do so until you cancel your subscription for this service. There are no notice periods for cancellation. However, as we need to plan and calculate the service, there is a registration period for each tasting parcel, after a specific date, you can no longer order nor cancel for that specific parcel. Costs per parcel are in the region of 50 Euros.

Detailed information on the formalities and the logistics can be found at "Help".

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Exchanging  experiences in the tasting chat

The Wein-Plus tasting case also seeks to facilitate an exchange of views and experiences. You can enjoy the wines together with friends, and discuss them. You can write about your experiences in the Forum, and exchange views there, and/or you can join the tasting chat on line, and taste the wines of the current parcel “live” together with our tasting team and with other participants, tasting the wines and commenting on them.

The chats generally take place on a Wednesday evening, from around 8 to 10 p.m. CET. The actual date and time will be communicated to you in a letter sent together with the tasting case.


We have set up an archive in order to allow you to obtain an overview of previous tasting parcels, to read up on comments, or to follow the progress of previous chats. Simply follow the link, and browse around.

To tasting parcels (link will be implemented shortly)

Re-ordering wines

In order to be able to react to cases of damage in transit, or other problems, we always order a little more wine than we actually need. As a participant in the regulars’ table, you can order wines from these „leftover“ stocks at an advantageous price. Use this opportunity to secure a few bottles of your favourite wines! Additional information can be obtained via the following link.

To re-order

Our mineral water sponsor: Gerolsteiner Brunnen

We want you to enjoy your tasting wines. To quench your thirst, use water! For this reason, abottle of Gerolsteiner mineral water is included in each tasting parcel sent to you.

Additional information can be found at: www.gerolsteiner-wasserundwein.de

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