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Tessin / Ticino

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The most important grape varieties

Canton in the Italian Switzerland with the main town of Bellinzona. It is bordered by Italy , and is divided into two parts and parts Sopraceneri Sottoceneri. This is the southernmost and most scenic Swiss canton, and is due to the many hours of sun called "sunny part of Switzerland." The canton of Ticino is one of the six Swiss wine regions. The vineyards cover 1028 hectares of vineyards. Counts as well as the special feature in Canton Grisons lying Misoxtal (Mesolcina) with 50 acres of it. The climate is reminiscent of Mediterranean conditions, in contrast, there is high rainfall. Much of the wine has only about 3,800 small plots and operates wine as a sideline. The most important wine-growing villages are Biasca, Castel San Pietro, Chiasso, Giornico, Bellinzona, Gordola, Gudo, Malvaglia, Morbio, Lugano, Rivera, Rovio, Stabio, Tenero and Verscio. The best vineyards are located between the Laggio Maggiore and Lake Lugano and Bellinzona and Locarno.

After the devastation caused by phylloxera and mildew in the late 19th Century immigrants to America from many wineries (in California it is still an "Italian Swiss Colony"). After the destruction of many vineyards in the Bordeaux was from the 1907 Merlot introduced, which now occupies over 80% of the area. In small quantities, there are the varieties of Piedmont Barbera, Bonarda, Freisa Bondola and that for the traditional wine country Nostrano be (dt "of ours") is used. The white wine varieties Chasselas, Muller-Thurgau, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc accounts for only 6%. Approximately 7% demonstrate American vines (Americano) as Isabella , Clinton , and Noah , mainly for table grape , grape and grappa are used.

In 1997 the Italian DOC has introduced similar quality system. Much of the production of red wines are Merlot, which are usually aged in oak barrels. The Merlot wine equivalent of a general appellation of the "Ticino DOC Merlot". There is also a bright red Merlot Bianco. In addition to the DOC status after its assessment of the best wines of the special seal of approval Ticino VITI awarded. There is also the hallmark of the grappa. A traditional wine specialty Millegusti . Well-known producers are Brivio , Cantina Sociale Mendrisio, Luigi Castle, Castel San Pietro, Delea , Gialdi , Daniel Huber, Adriano Kaufmann, Klausener, Pian Marnino, Werner Stucky, Tamborini , Vinattieri Ticinesi, Valsangiacomo , Zanini and Christian Zündel.
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