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Directly to the european countries, classified producers and wines

From now on the Wein-Plus wine guide focuses on the qualitatively leading producers in Europe. Therefore we introduced a new classification (W+, W++, W+++). Producers where we assume high quality, but could not yet proof by individual tastings are classified with W?.

Take part in this unique project to evaluate the european top producers in a consistant and strict standard. Are there top producers from your region missing? Please send us an e-mail.


German Pinot Noir

The quality development proceeds in Pinot Noir in Germany even further. From a total of nearly 400 currently sampled wines made it this year whopping 125 samples at 88 points or more - 10 years ago it was in the same period just 42. In addition to well-known names from that time often again were significantly better, are now also abundant wineries in the rankings, most of which wine friends had never heard of until recent years somewhat, and even most professionals would probably kept such a rapid increase in quality hardly possible. But the manifests itself not only in the head. It would be a mistake, just keep an eye on the now - to judge often confidently calculated top wines - quite rightly. In the base of the segments dedicated businesses, we now find an abundance of convincing Pinot Noir, whose quality has been much more dramatic developed than their price. One need not therefore far out on a limb to assert that it is safe has never been so much good while affordable Pinot Noir in Germany was like today.


This wine guide currently provides information on 110998 wines and 23053 producers, of which 6112 are highly recommended.

Our website features more than half a million pages of data, which, if printed, equals a 50 meter high stack of paper.
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