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Wine magazines

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Wine magazines

If you want to learn more about wine, you can use the Internet. In Wein-Plus Forum you can register and find there a lot about wine. Or you can surf the Internet time on a variety of vendors. Starting point to this, wine-links to be an internet search engine specifically for wine lovers. And of course our magazine that you also read online.

The following are printed wine magazines (which says nothing about the order of importance) in the German-speaking countries and the international level of significance:

German-speaking wine magazines


Popular magazine about wine, two German-language editions (Germany and Switzerland)
The publisher says. "With a total circulation of over 84 500 copies in print in Europe, of which 41 000 in Germany and 27,000 in Switzerland, Vinum's largest wine magazine Europe Vinum has been published since 1980 and enjoys a high acceptance of both the large and the wine interested audience as well as producers, the retail and fine dining. "
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Popular magazine about wine, and enjoy traveling
The publisher says: "selection is published quarterly in March, June, September, November and is one of the leading enjoy magazines in Germany, with many interesting topics related to wine, food, culture, travel selection - the health magazine regularly with its own independent. jury tastings objective of profit through goods and presents its readers with new recommended products. "
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The gourmet

Popular magazine about travel, cuisine, wine and lifestyle
The publisher says:.. "The Gourmet is a solitaire No other magazine in the German-speaking world has its expertise in matters of pleasure, it is independent in judgment and has a clear goal: Every month informed the gourmet's sophisticated readers knowledgeable and amusing about attractive destinations, new trends in restaurants, hotels and wine as well as on regional specialties, best quality, the editors and writers around the world searches operate on site -.. incorruptible and always delicious-looking The Gourmet in 2009, renowned for the 'Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris as the 'Best Food Magazine in the World' award. "
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World of Wine

Popular magazine about wine
The publisher says. "Wine world is a special-interest magazine for wine connoisseurs and novices, the audience wants information that will lead them in an unpretentious way to the right wines, wine world offers exactly what wine lovers want. Addresses, prices, To facilitate practical guidance, lots of tips about wine, with the aim of purchasing decisions. Whether in the restaurant, the wine trade, technical, food and mail order or at the winery, the reader of wine world is made ​​undogmatic familiar with wines. The wine is as a natural companion embedded in a variety of topics -. such as travel, food, fun and much more, the taste of the target field has meaning "
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Wine + Market

Magazine for wine merchants and producers
The publisher says: "Since the ProWein 2000 serves wine + market in the wine industry as a valuable, independent source of information Chefredakteuer Werner Engelhard and his editorial team provide well-researched, reliable news and articles, and exciting tasting results in a contemporary, modern layout, the sale of wine +.. market is constantly being improved and expanded so that wine + market reaches a qualified audience of resellers in the areas of wine wholesale and retail, import, retail and beverage trade. "
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Journal for the wine trade
The publisher says. "Insiders consider wine as the most important, best funded and most reliable source for trade in wine, sparkling wine and champagne For decades, the magazine is a professional speaker for the industry wherever in the food and retail of wine a strategic appreciation. learns his place where professionals assortment optimizing challenge, offers wine fachpublizistischen the basis for decisions. "
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Sommelier Magazine

Magazine for catering and Sommelerie
The publisher says. "The Sommelier Magazine is a service magazine for sommeliers and restaurateurs in wine, spirits and beverages, and related benefit issues as the official organ of the federation of the Sommelier Union Germany eV represents the link between the members of the Union, in fine dining and hospitality industry and the producers and importers of high quality wine qualities and other beverages dar. The Sommelier Magazine puts special emphasis on practical utility editorial focus. concentrated information on the cultivation areas, recommended producers and wines, expertise and training, practical suggestions for combining wine with food, drinks and cigars know-how, Keller. "
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The German wine

Magazine for wine producers
The publisher says. "As the official organ of the German Winegrowers' Association and its regional affiliates, the German wine-growing must-read for all wine expandable and crying marketed their businesses started from work in the vineyard, the wine-cellar duties of an optimal wine to Ask is marketing-oriented corporate management ranges the spectrum fachpublizistischer content. As bulletin of the Technical Committee in the German wine-growing wine acts equally responsible for the field of research and implementation results. "
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Popular magazine about wine and olive oil from Italy
The publisher says. "Merum aimed at professionals and lovers of Italian wine is the only German-language media, exclusively Italian wine list has about Merum is completely independent and has in addition to the staples, the listings for sale, the proceeds from the Degubox. . and the donations of patrons from readers about any revenue Merum published six times per year and consists of two parts: the main issue with news from the Italian wine, olive oil and agricultural scene as well as major reports on wine regions, this analysis, columns and interviews with opinion leaders. Merum Each issue is at the Merum Selezione, a separate pressure, where every year approximately two thousand reviews and comments published tasting of Italian wines. "
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Wine journal with tasting notes
The publisher says: "In practical paperback format, the independent wine magazine Mondo wineries and wines from around the world This is dedicated to specific topics each issue, the Mondo wine magazine published four times per year..."
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Wine Magazine
The publisher says: "Weinwisser is an exclusive, independent information service for professionals and connoisseurs who want to know more about wine, the editors of Weinwisser tasted, describes and evaluates annually more than 4,000 wines addition to reviews of current and older vintages reported Weinwisser also rare.. . Thus it is for wine buyers and sellers important information medium. Weinwisser offers extensive wine knowledge for professionals and wine connoisseurs and with its recommendations guide the selection of wines to hotels and upscale restaurants. He is one of the most important and most-cited German sources to wine ratings and buying advice for quality wines. both sommeliers and connoisseurs elite rely on the recommendations of the enjoyment of wine know-all. "
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Austrian consumer magazine about wine
The publisher says: "Vinaria is the leading wine magazine in the market tastings and recommendations to the readers a safe base to give the wine selection wine tours and gourmet stories round out the theme of pleasure Vinaria - a magazine in vogue for a high-income target group...."
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Austrian consumer magazine about wine, and enjoy traveling
The publisher says: ".. Falstaff is a magazine for discerning guests, the eight-times appears in which consolidates the best writers working on the topics of wine, cuisine and travel purpose, two wine guides come with up to 3,000 wine reviews."
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The winemaker

Austrian magazine for wine producers
The publisher says:.. "The winery is the largest German-language magazine about wine on the pulse of the wine time to give a month to date subject knowledge in the fields of viticulture, winemaking technology, marketing, operating and wine The monthly magazine has the function of a competent advisor in the industry, and that takes decades. the only medium of the wine industry, in part, the journal of the Austrian circulation control. The winery also serves as the newsletter of the Association of Austrian wine. "
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English wine magazines


British wine magazine
The magazine for trendy wine connoisseur reports monthly on international topics, tastings and auctions. Well-known columnists such as Michael Broadbent, Jancis Robinson and Steven Spurrier Decanter write.
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Wine Spectator

American wine magazine
The magazine also includes a lot of tasting notes, but is especially tailored to the interests of American consumers.
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Wine Advocate

American wine magazine
The magazine by Robert Parker, the publisher of internationally best known and most influential wine critic, every two months.
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International Wine Cellar

American wine magazine
The magazine by Stephen Tanzer published every two months and is similar to the Wine Advocate, Parker's, but contains more background information and interviews.
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Australian wine magazine
The magazine is published every two months and is focused on wines from Down Under. In addition to descriptions of wine regions and there are restaurants in every issue, a large number of tasting notes.
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French-language wine magazine

La Revue du Vin de France

French wine magazine
The magazine erschient ten times a year and focuses on wines from France, and many tasting notes.
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