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Wine Guide


Directly to the european countries, classified producers and wines

From now on the Wein-Plus wine guide focuses on the qualitatively leading producers in Europe. Therefore we introduced a new classification (W+, W++, W+++). Producers where we assume high quality, but could not yet proof by individual tastings are classified with W?.

Take part in this unique project to evaluate the european top producers in a consistant and strict standard. Are there top producers from your region missing? Please send us an e-mail.


Riesling dry
The vintage 2014 was probably for all observers a tangible surprise. The conditions during the harvest period were initially serious doubts about the quality of the wines to be expected to pay, and some varieties acts also difficult. Not so the Riesling, which almost everywhere significantly outperformed both in width and in the peak than the previous year and in some cases even 2012 made in the shade. The best wines have solid construction, absolutely brilliant fruit and an incredibly animated, lively, but ripe acidity. Many of them will only show in several years, all of which is in them and very long to mature. Also noteworthy is the variety of styles that probably never was as big as it is today: from Slim and bone dry to powerful and rich is for every taste and occasion something. The trend is however clearly on towards elegance, less residual sugar and more fruit withdrawn;
Wood barrel aging and prolonged yeast storage are also increasingly becoming a standard.


This wine guide currently provides information on 102475 wines and 22740 producers, of which 5775 are highly recommended.

Our website features more than half a million pages of data, which, if printed, equals a 50 meter high stack of paper.
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