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Directly to the european countries, classified producers and wines

From now on the Wein-Plus wine guide focuses on the qualitatively leading producers in Europe. Therefore we introduced a new classification (W+, W++, W+++). Producers where we assume high quality, but could not yet proof by individual tastings are classified with W?.

Take part in this unique project to evaluate the european top producers in a consistant and strict standard. Are there top producers from your region missing? Please send us an e-mail.


BEST OF Northern Piedmont

The "Alto Piemonte" is outside Italy remains largely unknown. This is certainly due to the long shadows, throwing the Barolo and Barbaresco, the legendary appellation in the south. But in addition, that many wine regions are so tiny in the north that hardly manage their products already lack of assets across borders. But it is worthwhile to look for these wines out. Who far looking for authentic, characterful wines outside the mainstream, must feel like in paradise in the northern Piedmont. Mostly, the wines of the north fall in comparison with the more famous neighbor a little easier, but without the sacrificing complexity and depth. The qualities are often excellent, sometimes great - and usually at reasonable prices. Nebbiolo is here - under different names - also the main cities, but is significantly less developed quite varietal wine than in the south. Uva Rara, Vespolina or Croatina are frequent blending partner, though usually in only small amounts.


This wine guide currently provides information on 108676 wines and 23053 producers, of which 6015 are highly recommended.

Our website features more than half a million pages of data, which, if printed, equals a 50 meter high stack of paper.
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