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Wine Samples

What is the Wein-Plus Wine Guide?

Wein-Plus is the leading independent wine platform in Europe, and concentrates on top-quality European wines. Wein-Plus is financed through the fees of its members, not via charges for tasting.

The Wine Guide is the most extensive of its kind, listing close to 100,000 professional wine descriptions and ratings. It is updated almost daily, and is subject to strict tasting guidelines.

Five reasons why your wines should be listed

You will only receive an invitation from Wein-Plus if you are either one of the 5,500 leading wine producers in Europe, or if you are a wine merchant who is also a Business Member of Wein-Plus. There is no charge for sending in tasting samples, and there are many benefits:

1.Professional - Strict - Independent

The ratings published by Wein-Plus are particularly respected as being strict, professional, independent and incorruptible, and are therefore considered to be a reference point in the wine scene for both private and commercial readers.

  • Tastings take place only under laboratory conditions in the Wein-Plus tasting rooms
  • Purely blind tasting, ensuring prejudices are definitely avoided
  • Professional, full-time tasting team headed up by Marcus Hofschuster
  • Ample time is devoted to each wine. Most samples are re-tasted once they have been exposed to the air
  • Strict application of the 100-point system – no inflationary scoring
  • Classification instantly apparent and applicable
  • Professional wine descriptions for every wine tasted

2.Unique European comparison

As a European wine guide, Wein-Plus provides the opportunity to compare wines and wine producers from all wine-growing countries in Europe. Here, you and our readers can see how your wines rate in a European comparison.

  • All 23 European wine-producing countries are measured in terms of the same conditions
  • The 5,500 leading producers in Europe can be identified and found on a Google-Map
  • Consistent, uniform Quality criteria for wine ratings and producer classifications

3.The leading reference for private and professional buyers

The Internet has become an indispensable source for buying wine. With more than 200,000 registered users, Wein-Plus is the most widely read wine medium on the Internet.

  • The Wein-Plus Wine Guide has been going for more than 15 years. All ratings are still online
  • With more than a million visitors each year, Wein-Plus has more readers than any wine magazine
  • More than 100,000 recipients subscribe to the Wein-Plus Newsletter
  • More than 10,000 fans on Facebook
  • More than 4,000 followers on Twitter
  • No other wine guide – whether printed or published on the Internet – has more readers

4.Up to date – sales support right from the beginning

Our tastings take place every working day. You send in your wines, and we will taste them without delay! This means that Wein-Plus starts working for you right away – in contrast to printed wine guides that only appear when many of your wines are already sold out.

  • The wines appear online one day after being tasted
  • More than 2,000 tasting telegrams are sent to interested readers per E-Mail – every day
  • The wines and their producers can be found immediately via Google

5.Support for all trade channels – online and offline

The Wein-Plus wine guide is used by wine buyers in all sectors of the trade. Importers, merchants, restaurants and private customers look for information on the Internet before buying – and automatically end up with Wein-Plus.

  • Many studies prove that most buyers seek information on the Internet before making their buying decision
  • 1,180 wine merchants are paying members of Wein-Plus, and are waiting to see ratings of your wines
  • 1,340 journalists are registered with Wein-Plus, and are keen to find information
  • Many wine merchants use the Wein-Plus Producer Classification to promote sales
  • Producers are supplied with stickers or labels showing their classification for use in their own advertising

All these benefits are sustainable. Unfortunately, they are not measureable, since the producer as the first link in the distribution chain only rarely gets to find out where and how the buyers of his wines have obtained their information.

How do I send in my wines?

If you have received an invitation to send in your tasting samples, please send a representative cross-section of your wines (two bottles each) and a Wine data sheet to:

Wein-Plus GmbH, Wine Samples, Wetterkreuz 19, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

Once we have received the samples, you will automatically receive a detailed confirmation of the wines received, and you will be informed of the results of the tasting by E-Mail.

Do you prefer to read this information online?
Please enter the Infocode 7.54 in the top right search formular on Wein-Plus.eu.