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 So können Sie Ihre Veranstaltung bewerben

Everything is prepared. The red wines were opened in time, the white wines chilled glasses polished, the bread freshly cut. The offer list is at hand on the counter. And lies. And lies. Only now and then comes once a customer, try a sip quickly buys a bottle and disappears. The whole preparation: nothing. Revenue: Do not mention it.

This is another way! Many interested visitors, good conversation and really good sales: With Wein-Plus to inform potential customers about your event idea. Specifically. Effective. Without wastage. So the store is full!

There are many good ideas for wine lovers come to taste and buy. Proven concepts include:

  • Fair
  • Year presentation
  • Wine tasting
  • Bottle Party
  • Lounge
  • Tastings
  • Seminars on a topic

Good preparation and organization and good timing are very important. But one thing is necessary: ​​the right marketing in the right target group! With over 200,000 registered wine friends and wine lovers is Wein-Plus while your number one. For us reach your advertising more interested in wine than in any other online medium. Whether stand-alone mail, banners or PR: We manage your advertising so that you arrive right at the right one. And we can do for you a lot more. Some Examples:

Stand-alone mail to selected recipients

With an event mailing you reach your target audience directly. This unique event is particularly effective because the mailing can be controlled according to target groups and regions. You want to invite only end customers in Frankfurt? Or only winemaker from the Palatinate? No Problem! With a stand-alone mail is your message to the right recipient. And only. In addition, you are not bound to any layout specifications. You make your invitation individually and personally.

For detailed information on a stand-alone mail can be found here

Banner ads - for the target audience of your event

When Banner advertising billboards are switched, which are connected to the website of the advertiser via a link. A reader who clicks on these banners is so guided directly to your website or invitation. Banners are the classic form of advertising on the Internet and achieve the dominant position at Wein-Plus an extremely high attention value. Wein-Plus offers four different banner sizes, many combination possibilities, plus a highly targeted display to. For example, your banner appears only when the reader is in your area and / or part of your target audience. To reach the right - and only!

For detailed information on banner ads can be found here

Successful public relations for your event

You have just ten seconds! More time has an editor not to fly over their invitation and press release and classify: Product or trash. But how do you find the right editors who really are interested in the theme of wine and pleasure, and who want to draw attention to your event? Wein-Plus offers you two effective ways:

  1. As a member of Wein-Plus you can make your press release for free publish on our website, which is read daily by editors, journalists and wine experts. In this way you avoid the "watering" effect. Your report comes only at a wine affinity readership. Only there.
  2. You send an email directly to interested Premium editors who have registered with us.
    For more details, see here .

PR articles / advertorials

The magazine by Wein-Plus informed about wine regions, new vintages and exciting topics related to wine. It is the most widely read online magazine about wine. In this environment, you can create your own articles and publish announcements on your event. You alone determine the content. An article has a circumference of no more than 6,000 characters, and can contain any number of photos with captions.

Detailed information about PR article can be found here

Media partnership with Wein-Plus at events

They organize wine fairs, tastings and other events from 1,000 participants? You want to turn your events favorable to a large audience known? Then make Wein-Plus to your media.

A media partnership means cooperation for the benefit of both sides: they convey the brand Wein-Plus , and we advertise on preferential terms (up to 100 per cent discount) for your event. Our potential services include well-frequented advertising space and newsletter advertising, as well as premium mail to potential buyers in your area. In addition, we like to create your print and online advertising. They help us in return, for example by Wein-Plus logo as a partner or sponsor on all media appears to your event, or advertising in your catalog.

Other bilateral cooperation opportunities and offsetting transactions are possible at any time. We look forward to your ideas and your message.

We accompany your event with the editorial mentions. But this is completely independent of a media partnership. We attach great importance to the strict separation between advertising and editorial. An editorial event report can therefore in no way be "ordered" or be the subject of marketing services.

And also ...

About Wein-Plus you can reach with your advertising more wine interested readers than any other online medium. In addition, the users are at Wein-Plus above-average education and financially strong. In this attractive environment, we grant you a 15 percent discount on selected Member advertising products.

Further advantages of a Wein-Plus membership can be found here

Have we awaken your interest? Then ask for a free quote!

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