Targeted advertising via E-Mail

Your message - exclusive and without any distribution losses


Advertising that is appreciated and read

That is exactly what the stand-alone Wein-Plus mail is. Here the focus is on your message, as only your contents are sent out. We make certain that all recipients have agreed to receive advertising via E-Mail.

Your message directed at selected groups of recipients

This classic stand-alone mail ensures that your message reaches only a selected group of recipients. To achieve this, we can select your preferred target groups from the extensive Wein-plus database.

Selections can be made in accordance with numerous criteria, for example:

 Postal code area
 Wine lovers
 Wine journalists
  Wine producers
 Wine merchants
  as well as in accordance with additional criteria, in addition to the regional and functional aspects stated

Technical data for the stand-alone E-Mail
Format: HTML Mail
Maximum file size: 50 kB

Cost per mailing
Flat rate charge for set-up and selection: 345,- Euros nett
Price per mail sent: 0,32 Euros nett

E-Mail to a selected group of wine merchants
2 634 mails sent out x 0,32 Euros = 842,88 Euros
Add flat rate of 345 Euros, total of 1187.88 Euros nett

Business members of Wein-Plus receive a discount of 15 per cent.


Your advertising is received - high delivery rate, acceptance and features

We send out your E-Mail via a professional service provider (Amazon-SES). The bounce rate (undeliverable E-Mails) is very low at around 0.1%. The same is true of the complain rate (spam complaints). This runs at approximately 0.01%. This reflects the high level of acceptance of the E-Mails by the recipients, and ensures a very high E-Mail reputation with all providers, so that E-Mails do not land in the spam file.
Before being sent out, each E-Mail is tested for more than 100 different target environments (desktop operating system versions, mobile phone operating system versions, screen sizes, E-Mail clients, etc.) in order to ensure optimum display on the recipient’s hardware.
Dates are sent in such a format that users can transfer them to their date calendar with a single click.

Become a member and enjoy many benefits
As a Business Member you are much more visible on Wein-Plus, and can save money and bureaucratic bother thanks to exclusive group contracts


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