Why it makes sense to advertise on Wein-Plus

To ensure your message reaches the right target


Tremendous reach among wine lovers, producers and consumers

Here, your advertising will reach more readers interested in wine than via any other online medium. In addition, the premium users of Wein-Plus are known to have an above-average level of education, and have an above-average income, and concomitant buying patterns. Details in facts and figures. By the same token, you can use Wein-Plus to reach all those who are active in the wine trade, such as wine merchants, wine producers or other relevant target groups.

Efficient and effective advertising that reaches its target

You are already halfway towards your goal if you can manage to reach the right person at the right time and in the right place. Wein-Plus provides you with every opportunity to achieve this, supported by a sophisticated targeting system. Simply, you are presenting yourself where people are to be found who enjoy wine and a good lifestyle, and you will benefit from the good reputation of the wine guide and its authors. People who love good wine are also interested in good food, culture, travel and all that is authentic and beautiful, and are open to topics dealing with pleasure and a good life.

Advertising on Wein-Plus ensures a positive image transfer

When advertising on and with Wein-Plus, a psychological factor comes into play in your favour: enthusiastic readers look upon advertising on their favourite sites in a far more positive way than on other Internet sites. This high level of sympathy also leads to a high degree of confidence and trust in your brand, and increases the willingness to pay a higher price, as has been shown by numerous studies.

Use the sympathy and confidence enjoyed by Wein-Plus for your own benefit. Increase the visibility and recognition of your brand by placing your message here, in precisely the right context to your field of topics and products, and with contact to the right target groups. Wein-Plus provides you with any number of such beneficial and inexpensive contacts, as you can see here.

Continuing connections

In times of waning customer loyalty and volatile business relationships, Wein-Plus is a reliable fortress, or rather the most frequently used independent wine platform in Europe. This has been fully useable on mobile equipment such as smartphones and tablets since 2017, and this has led to the development of continuously closer ties between the users and their wine platform. There are few other places on the Internet where readers are so ready and willing to pay for access to the contents. This is a strong sign of trust in the provider, and thus an excellent environment for your advertising! At the same time, Internet marketing not only has the objective of selling products in your own online shop, but in fact strengthens all distribution channels. Clearly focussed online marketing creates a high level of awareness and increases trust and confidence. We are happy to advise you as to how you can use your budget most effectively to reach your target audience.

Become a member and enjoy many benefits
As a Business Member you are much more visible on Wein-Plus, and can save money and bureaucratic bother thanks to exclusive group contracts

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