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Efficient and well-accepted advertising

As you know, in your own communication half the success lies in reaching the right people at the right time and in the right place. Wein-Plus provides the ideal environment for this, supported by sophisticated targeting facilities. You will be presenting yourself at a location where people can be found that have an interest in wine and the enjoyment of life in general, and you will benefit from the good reputation the Wein-Plus wine portal and wine guide has with its readers. People who enjoy good wine are frequently also interested in culture, travel, eating out, and many beautiful things in life, and is open for many topics around enjoying a good life. Wein-Plus allows you to reach more readers interested in wine than via any other online medium. In addition, the premium users of Wein-Plus have an above-average level of education and income. Details in facts and figures.

Positive image transfer when advertising on Wein-Plus

When you advertise on Wein-Plus, a psychological factor comes into play that works to your advantage: enthusiastic readers of Wein-Plus regard advertising content on their favourite sites more positively than on other sites on the Internet. This high level of sympathy builds increased trust in your brand, and leads to a willingness to pay more, as evidence by many studies. In this way, you can utilize the trust and sympathy enjoyed by Wein-Plus for your own benefit. And it is certainly common knowledge that the awareness of a brand can be increased by means of a message launched in a context that fits in with one’s own topic, one’s own world of products and target group contacts. Wein-Plus currently offers you up to 2.5 million such inexpensive contacts annually.

Strong group coherence of readers

WeinPlus is not only the most widely used independent wine platform in Europe, it also enjoys close connections and coherence with its readers. There are few instances on the Internet where readers are prepared to pay for access to contents. That is a sign of great trust and loyalty, and thus a great environment for your advertising. At the same time, Internet marketing is not focused only on selling products through you own online shop, but on encouraging the flow through all distribution channels. Focused online marketing creates a high level of visibility and attention, and builds trust. We are happy to advise you, as to how you can achieve your budget optimally with your target group.

Forms of advertising and participation:

Send in Wines

Show us what is in your bottles! The Wein-Plus Wine guide publishes wine tasting notes and reviews online on the day after the tasting, letting the world know immediately which wines they definitely should not miss. In addition, your wines will achieve better rankings in search results of Google and others. Don’t miss out on this chance of attracting additional attention.

Become a Member

As a member of Wein-Plus you enjoy a wide range of benefits. As a wine producer, for example, your profile and your wines can be viewed completely by all; as a merchant, you can sign up as a source of supply, and gain a link to your website for every wine producer included; as a reader, all the contents of Wein-Plus are available to you in full detail and in real time. Would you like to give it a try? Simply click on "My Account" at the top right of this page and follow the steps mentioned. We look forward to meeting you. (Note: if you sign up privately as a wine professional, you will not have access to the business features.)

State sources of supply

When readers and wine lovers read about a wine in the wine guide, they can immediately see where one can buy these good wines. This is as close to the customer as one can get. Would you like more visits and sales for your shop? By participating in the source of supply section of the Wein-Plus Wine Guide, you are informing readers where they can buy their favourite wine. Make your entry now!

Use your own web shop as a spider

Our "Shopping" function offers the users of Wein-Plus a hyper wine search engine that guides potential customers directly to your shop. With a volume of several thousand search queries per day, Wein-Plus Shopping provides a huge potential for increased sales. To see what you need to know, you should be logged in as a wine producer or merchant before clicking on the following link.

Save as a member of the community

Using a communal advertisement, you can advertise as part of a group at a very attractive cost, and will receive prominent visibility directly next to the rich content of Wein-Plus. This provides a direct link to your shop, in convenient four-month blocks.

Advertise via E-Mail

When one sees a very personal message in one’s in-tray, and correctly addressed, one is much less likely just to click it away. It is for precisely this reason that it is a good idea to run one’s E-Mail marketing via Wein-Plus. Wein-Plus has access to a large pool of addresses, selectable by a number of criteria, ranging from wine producers to consumers. A good basis for your spam-free advertising. You provide your individual contents – we will take care of the technical realization and the despatch.

Provide Shopping Benefits

Einkaufsvorteil für Mitglieder von Wein-Plus beim Einkauf vor Ort bei anderen Business-Mitgliedern

In a close-knit community, members support each other. For example, members prefer to buy from other members. By offering, say, a 5% discount for an on-site purchase as a business member, you can provide an additional incentive to customers, an advertising for yourself.

Using the Seal

Siegel von Wein-Plus für klassifizierte Erzeuger

The round seal for classified producers is immediately visible, and awakens readers’ curiosity. In addition, it looks elegant, underlining the high quality of the wines produced by producers designated with this seal. You as the producer or merchant of these wines can also benefit from advertising this seal.

Understanding Online Marketing

In order to be successful on the Internet, it is important to understand the metrics and technical terms. In a loose order, Utz Graafmann (owner of Wein-Plus) in individual articles as well as in a glossary explains what is important in online marketing. Naturally he adapts his explanations to suit the wine industry.

Frame contracts Use attractive frame contracts with strong partners

Nutzen Sie attraktive Rahmenverträge mit starken Partnern

The frame contracts from Wein Plus do offer you a remarkable potential - financial, logistic and administrative. Together with strong and reliable partners of the winebusines you will find tailor-made solutions for your business.

Your company on Wein-Plus

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